Industry Alive!

Federation University approached Pepper with the clear brief to increase the awareness of and attract students to their Industry Skills Centre. The ISC delivers training to trades based industries associated with VET/Tafe courses.

Client: Federation University Australia

Campaign: Industry Alive!

Product: 30 second TV commercial. 30 second Radio commercial. Digital display campaign.

Emu Footwear Screen Grab
OConnors TVC Location


The team’s first instinct was to profile the building itself. The external architecture was distinctive and reflected the industrial nature of the majority of courses within the large facility. Welding, Plumbing, Electrical, Engineering were just some of the disciplines housed in this impressive building. The Pepper team visited the facility and watched the daily classes in operation. There were a lot of sparks, flames and shards of metal that were a integral part of the manufacturing process. This explosive activity was the visual cue that underpinned the creative. In order to communicate this “live’ learning, television and pre-roll digital mediums were recommended. Capturing this hands on learning (on camera) would be the most effective way of bringing the iconic building ‘alive’.



The television commercial was shot over two days with a blend of macro-lenses and high speed cameras. It was important to capture the explosive nature of the welding, metal work and the programmable robots that fabricated parts for other machinery. Wood workers sawed, plumbers assembled a labyrinth of pipes and chefs, hairdressers and building designers working at the coalface were filmed and edited into an exciting array of dynamic shots for the final production. The music that underpinned the production had a tribal rhythmic energy that punctuated each shot.