Golden Moments Everyday

Golden Nugget Bakery have partnered with Pepper since 2012. The original re-branding project included new logo, colours and establishment of brand guidelines. From coffee loyalty cards through to store signage and menu boards, Pepper has overseen all projects. The creative team worked closely with client to conceptualise a new advertising campaign. This included production of Jingle and video commercial for play across Radio, Social Media Channels, Television & Cinema.

Client: Golden Nugget Bakery

Product: Production Aural Branding – Jingle Suite, Production 2 x 30 second TVC’s.

Drive Thru Bakery
OConnors TVC Location

Jingle Production

Clients often have mixed feelings about aural branding or jingles, and sometimes undervalue it’s potency. Golden Nugget Bakery were the exception. They listened and fully understood that in order to create a true brand personality, a jingle would be a great investment. The brief was to create something memorable for people of all ages. It had to be happy, singalong and toe-tapping. Demos were created and Pepper then enlisted the help of professional musicians to execute the catchy jingle.

The result was outstanding and the jingle package had a wide variety of permutations for Television & Radio..

Video Production

The production of the Golden Moments campaign was headed by 2 x 30 sec video commercials. The campaign was an opportunity to introduce this new brand personality into the marketplace. Each scene was shot to highlight fun and energy.

The editing process was smooth and the commercials were ready for client approval within a week of filming. The icing on the cake was a colour grade at Method Studios, Melbourne.

The final product not only looks and sounds great but it has indelibly stamped the brand personality of Golden Nugget Bakery into the hearts and minds of loyal and new customers alike.